Translator and interpreter. Linguistic adviser. Proofreader and support staff during international bilateral and multilateral meetings.
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- Translator and Interpreter at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela (6 years of experience). Bilateral and multilateral meetings and documents. -Freelance translator and interpreter contacted by Venezuelan translation agencies. -Language teacher (English, French and Spanish).

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Central University of Venezuela

Fields of practice:
Langues étrangères, Communication, Services

Management teams your interventions may concern:
International Management General Services General Management

Types of interventions:
Translator and Interpreter Freelance translator and interpreter Teacher.

Training courses attended:
Translation and interpreting (bachelor's degree, UCV)
Literature (UCV)
State protocol course.
Translation techniques.

Bachelor's degree (Licenciatura) in Translation and Interpreting (accomplished).
Bachelor's degree in Literature (in course).


Led training courses:
Language (Spanish, English and French courses)

Computer skills:

Languages: Es Fr En

Some references:
Venezuelan Ministry of the People's Power for Foreign Affairs; ,Zulay Ramírez (Venezuelan Embassy in Rome)

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- Translation of internal-use documents and other documents related to the Venezuelan bilateral and multilateral relations with the European countries and international organisations, from and to the Spanish, English and French languages. Review and amendment of previous translations by other translators following new resolutions, negotiations or agreements. Interpreter during meetings and negotiations involving personnel from the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives from foreign governments or international organisations (2005-2012).


- French translation and consecutive interpreting classes
for students of the School of Modern Languages, Central University of
Venezuela: translation of general texts; review of translation
solutions; review and use of specific vocabulary; theoretical tools;
tools for consecutive interpreting; notes-taking; re-expression and
theoretical fundamentals in the field of consecutive interpreting.
Student assessment.


Spanish tutor for students of the IUFM (University
Institute for Teachers Training) of Tours-Fondettes (France), under
the cooperation agreement between the French Government and the
Central University of Venezuela.


French tutor of students from the school of History of
the Central University of Venezuela. Student assessment.

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